What does exam for u provide ?

  • Topic-wise video lectures by experts – these video lectures focus not just upon theory but have extremely important solved examples to cover all sorts of questions asked in exam.
  • Topic-wise, Level-wise Assignments – after each topic “Topic Assignment” and a “Higher level assignment” are given, to assess your knowledge. “Topic Assignment” includes fundamental and elementary but important question which you must go through before moving to the next topic.

    If you score more than 30% marks in ‘Topic assignment ‘you are allowed to attempt ‘Higher level assignment ‘ to further enhance your competency . If not, you can’t view the next topic in the chapter. We recommend you to go back to the topic again, to grasp the optimum level understanding of topic.

  • When you re-attempt any assignment , Our AI system will ensure that you get questions from the area you have scored poorly , this is to make sure that you understand every subtle part of each concept .
  • Tests – Apart from above mentioned assignments, we also provide three level chapter test at the end of each chapter .This further enhances the confidence of students for the whole chapter.
  • Test Series – A comprehensive test series to revise the subjects and track your performance and compete with the brightest students in pan India.
  • Step by step Guidance – Get direct guidance by experienced teachers, share your worries and get your doubts solved. We are here for your success.
  • Practice at your own pace – You can revise a topic any number of times. With video lectures you can always retrace what the teacher has taught any number of times.
  • Learn anywhere at any time – Be it day or night , home or outdoor , keep learning and practicing .Utilize your time and do not bound by class timings , conveyance and money.
  • Tag your questions – you can bookmark the questions (maximum 20 and latest) you want to review later.
  • Detailed analysis of your performance – Get detailed and in-depth analysis of assignments and tests, with subject scores, comparative scores and areas of improvements.
  • Track your progress – Get ranked with the best students with National ranking.

How it is different from other sites?

In the age of e-learning there are many platforms available but there is a lack of a complete one stop solution. Apart from their incompleteness, inept quality of theirs questions, lack of student interactions and false declarations - students are wronged in many ways. Founders of this platform are moved by recurrence of such instances and they are trying their best to give students a genuine platform, good quality education with no cost at all (yes you heard it right no cost at all).

What do u offer for free?

Chapters which are free will be shown with unlocked sign . all the component of those chapters will be free.

I have already joined a coaching class, why should I join exam for u ?

If you are facing any of the following problems then examforu is only for You :

  • You are not getting enough problems for practice on every topic , subtopic on a daily basis
  • You feel that the teachers in coaching institute are either very fast or very slow in one or another topic
  • You are not comfortable with the topics that you have missed in the class
  • Your institute is not dividing the time appropriately for each chapter , some chapters are just hushed up and some goes on for months.
  • If you want to revise something you feel totally alone and you get no help from your institute.
  • Syllabus is not finished on time.
  • If you can finish your syllabus faster but you have to move at the pace of your class.
  • If you missed a test and you are not allowed to take the test again.
  • If you think that you must practice online tests as both IIT JEE and NEET are going to be online.
  • If for any reason(sickness etc ) you can’t attend classes and you find yourself lost in that chapter/topic.
  • If you are not getting level-wise questions for every topic .Easy to medium and then to difficult.
  • If you find coaching material too short and NCERT books too complex.
  • If you don’t get solution for every problem in your coaching material.
  • If you want to go prepared in advance in a class.

Can I completely rely on exam for u without any other coaching?

Yes. Definitely. All you need to is follow the instruction and advice given in each subject , assignments and test religiously.

Why I am not allowed to move freely to the next topic of a chapter?

U need to score atleast 30% to see net topic in each chapter.
We provide an inbuilt mechanism to check for minimum understanding of a topic .To measure this we have ‘topic assignment’ .We expect a 30% score. If you are having less than that then we suggest you to revise that topic and attempt the assignment once again. Our AI system will ensure that you get questions from the area you have scored poorly , this is to make sure that you understand every subtle part of each concept .

I am facing technical issues on this website what should I do ?

Check you internet connection and speed. If the problem persists mail us “contact@examforu.com “.

I have further questions regarding exam for u , whom/where I should approach ?

You can mail us at us “contact@examforu.com.“
Call us : +91 9717088055.